About AFG and China Charity Fair

ALLIANCE FOR GOOD (AFG) is a philanthropy network founded in Singapore, with members comprising individual, corporate and foundation/trust donors mostly with a China background. AFG is also the official overseas representative for China Charity Fair, one of the largest charity fair in the world having 2588 participating nonprofit organizations from over 10 countries in 2015. Through advisory and training services, AFG aims to build up the capacity of nonprofit in fundraising in Asia based on donor centric fundraising principals. With its China background donor network, AFG has the mission to multiply the impact of Asian nonprofits and donors by filling the gap between the motivations of donors and the needs of nonprofits.

Established since 2012, CHINA CHARITY FAIR is a national initiative by P.R.C Ministry of Civil Affairs, State Council, All China Business Federation, Guangd0ng Provincial Government and Shenzhen Municipal Government to promote the charity sector among the public and establish a national platform to bridge the resources with the needs of the Chinese nonprofits.

Based on the participating members of China Charity Fair that represents a network of over 4000 leading Chinese nonprofits from all over the country. AFG builds the bridge by connecting global fundraising experts to the China nonprofits and Chinese donors, so as to introduce global best practices to develop potentially the world’s largest unexploited nonprofit fundraising market.

Background:Turning Key for China Nonprofit Fundraising Transformation

The Global Fundraising Conference will be organized from 23rd Sep. to 25th Sep. 2016 as the key event of the China Charity Fair. The Global Fundraising Conference shares and leverages global best practices in fundraising for China local innovations, and strives to build up China’s global platform in nonprofit fundraising.

The turning key for China fundraising has begun with the rapid growth of the number of registered nonprofits, government’s gradual opening door for public fundraising licenses, and the rapid increase of the total domestic giving. China nonprofit sector is on the path of approaching a professional and market-oriented fundraising market, with its engine to be powered by global best practices and fundraising supporting system.

Global Fundraising Conference 2016 China

23rd September to 25th September 2016
China Shenzhen Expo

China and Global Fundraising Experts and Nonprofit Leaders

China and Global Fundraising Development Board and Board Members

China and Global Fundraising Managers and Executives

China and Global Fundraising Agencies and Companies

Vision:Global Best Practices China Local Innovations

Built upon the impact and success of five years consecutive China Charity Fair initiatives, GFC-China is embraced by China government as the first global fundraising conference that aims to innovate China nonprofit sector’s fundraising practices at a massive scale, supported by the generous inputs from a group of global leading fundraising experts from over 16 countries.
GFC-China program is designed and curated by global fundraising leaders based on donor-centric fundraising principal, with an emphasis of putting fundraising theories into the real world case studies. While presenting global best practices in fundraising to the Chinese nonprofits, GFC-China also brings in donors and philanthropists to share their perspectives and insights to inspire participants.
Chinese charities are learning global best practices in fundraising to capture both domestic and international opportunities, and at the same they are becoming active donors to fund development projects in developing countries, particularly those along the ancient Silk Road route. GFC-China sponsors Silk Road country nonprofit representatives to visit China for program collaboration and funding opportunities by Chinese donors.



An alliance focuses on doing good & mobilizing resources for good
Nonprofits are there for good
The participation of donors are together for good
Nonprofits and donors share the value for good
Chinese nonprofits’ fundraising development and
internationalization are allied for global good

AFG Advisory Board

1. Geoffrey Yu, AFG Advisory Board, Former Deputy Secretary General WIPO, Singapore
2. Stephen Frost, AFG Advisory Board, Co-founder of CSR Asia, Honorary Institute Fellow at the Business School of Chinese University of Hong Kong, East Asia Institute at Hong Kong City University, Hong Kong
3. Ken Burnett, Good News Honorary Editor in Chief, Former Global Chair of Action Aid, Published Several Professional Books on Fundraising, UK
4. Usha Menon, Global Fundraising Conference Advisor, Usha Menon Management Consultancy (Asia)