GFC 2016 and China Charity Fair Welcome Cocktail Event

Shenzhen Expo - Jasmine Hall
19:00-21:30, 22nd September 2016

A high-level philanthropy welcome cocktail event during which the key leadership from Ministry of Civil Affairs will be present and featured with children and youth’s performances from local schools for special education.

Opening and Panels(Big Hall)

Shenzhen Expo - Daffodils Hall
19:00-21:30, 22nd September 2016

23 Sept 2016: AM Theme- Global Fundraising Best Practices Overview

  • 9.30am-10.00am Opening Address by Chinese government officials

    Government Representatives Welcome the Guests together with two delegation representatives Eddie Razak from Malaysia Innovation Agency and Gwen Pang from International Red Cross
  • 10.00- 11.00am Panel Session 1 - Global Trends in Fundraising

    Facilitator: Usha Menon (Singapore)

    Asia: Uo Masa (Japan), Kunal Verma (India)

    Europe: Stephen George (UK), Dominic Will (UK)

    North America: Penelope Cagney (USA)

  • 11.00- 11.30am Break

  • 11.30- 12.30pm Panel Session 2 - Global Trends in Philanthropy – Donor perspectives

    Facilitator: Usha Menon (Singapore)

    Asian Philanthropy: Professor Bekay Ahn (Korea), Lynna Chandra (Indonesia), Gwen Pang (Philippines)

    Europe Philanthropy: Daryl Upsall (Spain)

    North America: Penelope Cagney (USA)

    Public Funding: Eddie Razak (Malaysia)

    Women Philanthropy: Abbie J.von Schlegell,CFRE (USA)

    Chinese Donors Representative

12.30 – 2.00pm Lunch & Networking – Conference Participants

Leadership Roundtable – By Invitation only

Shenzhen Expo - Room Rose 1
12.30 – 2.00pm, 23rd September 2016

A close-door session facilitated by global fundraising leaders for bridging the understanding between Chinese nonprofit leaders and Chinese donors. This is a close-door sessions which are reserved for global major gift fundraising leaders, Chinese nonprofit senior management and Chinese donor representatives.

Fundraising Masterclasses

Shenzhen Expo - Room Rose 1, Rose 2, Rose 3 and Room Tulip

23rd September 2016 PM Theme- Global Fundraising Best Practices Overview
2.00- 3.30pm
Workshop Round
#1 A Global Fundraising Best Practices Overview
Digital Fundraising and Crowdfunding Track
Digital Fundraising and Charity Crowd funding - Global Overview and Case Study on Giving Tuesday Fundraising
-Nick Allen (USA)
Individual and Institutional
Fundraising Track
Integrating individual giving online and offline
-Kunal Verma (India) 
Educational Fundraising Track
Global Educational Fundraising – Alumni and Membership Fundraising
Abbie J.von Schlegell,CFRE (USA)
Fundraising Leadership and Donor Relations Track
Fundraising trends and donor trends in Asia
-  Usha Menon (Singapore)

3.30-4.00pm        Break 
4.00- 5.30pm
Workshop Round #1 B
 Global Fundraising Best Practices Overview
How to build a digital campaign on a small budget for Grassroots Fundraising Success -Frederic Fournier (France)
 Membership Giving and Collaborative Fundraising
-Masa Uo (Japan)
Global Educational Fundraising – Alumni Fundraising
Abbie J.von Schlegell,CFRE (USA)
Case Studies for Fundraising Leadership and Donor Perspectives
-  Lynna Chandra (Indonesia)
24 Sept 2016: AM Theme - Global Fundraising Trends
9.30- 11.00pm
Workshop Round #2 A Trends for Global Fundraising
Building an Integrated digital communications plan-Daniel Wilkins (USA) How to Raising Corporate support & Impact Funds
Michaela Filber (Switzerland) & Eddie Razak (Malaysia)
Major gifts – the art and science of inspiring extraordinary philanthropy
Adrian  Salmon (UK)
Negotiation for Winning Partnerships
-Gwen Pang (Philippines)
11.00- 11.30pm    Break
11.30am- 1.00pm
Workshop Round #2 B Trends for Global Fundraising
Donor outreach through social media  –Asian experience
Usha Menon (Singapore)
Working with Foundation and Trusts
-Stephen George (UK)
Growth- characteristics for successful global programs.
- Adrian  Salmon (UK)
FR Psychology & Behavioral Economics 
- Alan Hutson Jr (USA)
1.00 – 2.00pm  Lunch & networking  – Conference Participants
24 Sept 2016: PM Theme- Global Fundraising Techniques
2.00- 3.30pm
Workshop Round #3A  Global Fundraising Techniques
Importance of data in digital strategy --Frederic Fournier (France) Major Donor development techniques
-Penelope Cagney (USA)
Case Studies- Lessons from Asia University Fundraising        - Bekay Ahn  (Korea ) Developing fundraising capability in the organization 
-Kunal Verma  (India)
3.30- 4.00pm    Break
4.00- 5.30pm
Workshop Round #3 B Global Fundraising Technique
Leveraging the Media for digital Fundraising
-Daniel Wilkins (USA)
Developing a Major Donor strategy
Michaela Filber (Switzerland)
Case Studies- Lessons from University Fundraising –
Dr. Isabel Sim  (Singapore)
Investing in Fundraising Supporting Environment for Sector Success
-Daryl Upsall (Spain)
25 Sept 2016: AM Theme : Fundraising Innovations
9.30- 11.00am    Workshop Round #4 A Fundraising Innovation  Using mobile to build supporter base  -Nick Allen (USA)
Face to Face Fundraising Practices in UK and India
-  Neil Hope and Dominic Will (UK)
University  fundraising 
Innovations – How the Education sector can learn from other sectors
Bekay Ahn (Korea)
FR Blue Ocean Strategy
-Alan Hutson Jr (USA)
11.00- 11.30am  Break
11.30am- 1.00pm
Workshop Round #4 B Fundraising Innovation
Virtual Reality  – Global Case Studies and The Way Ahead
-Nick Allen (USA)
Integrated Fundraising funds through Face-to-face and phone
-Daryl Upsall (Spain)
Legacy Fundraising for Educational Programs, Global Practices and China outlook
-Stephen George (UK)
Global Innovations in Fundraising & Partnerships
-Penelope Cagney (USA)
1.00 -1.30pm     Conference closing Plenary – Fundraising: resource mobilization for addressing the unmet needs of our world. ( Inspirational talk)/ evaluation

Fundraising Clinics

Shenzhen Expo Ground Floor AFG Café
19:00-21:30, 22nd September 2016

Global fundraising experts offer their pro-bono consulting services to Chinese nonprofits attending the fair at the AFG Café area located in the center of the exhibition ground.

This is where local Chinese nonprofits can book the appointments and to meet one-on-one with world leading fundraising experts.